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Pusang Gala: Learning Marketing 101

"Learn to attract the cat". That's what they said in terms of marketing. Cause if you chase the cat, it will run away from you so to get the cat attention, one should understand what attracts the cat. Use a 'catalyst' and that cat will go to you willingly. The same goes with attracting your customer base. If you want to have people to buy from you, you need to learn what is the benefit for them if they buy your products.. Why they must buy from you (ooh that dreaded 'WHY' question). I decided to sell shirts online. I'm in the phase of learning marketing and writing contents to attract my target audience. **disclaimer: I'm not changing career. I still enjoy web development and...

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Discipline. Did I spell it correctly?

Anyways, I'll need to allocate some time to work on this website homepage layout, navigation menu, collection & product page functionality.. Not to mention all content needs to be written for all pages especially the product page. I haven't started on that yet. It's been a month now and I feel like I have zero progress. I'll have a 3 days off + 2 weekend next week.. 5 days should be enough to finish this site. (ooooh too confident.. I'm overestimating my skills hehehehe) I'll be selling apparels for now. That should be enough to get me started with the design.

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Doubts - hesitation phase

Did the laundry and noticed my sister's t-shirt is the same brand as the brand I'm going to sell.  Oh God, I don't like its quality. I did ordered a sample last week and it's currently under fulfillment.. I really haven't seen what the t-shirt (I'm going to sell) looks like and now I'm feeling down with how low the quality of that particular brand of shirt's textile is.. Please let it not be the same as my product... There's no way I'll buy it for $20, definitely no freaking way I'll sell that quality to other people. It's not worth the money. 'sigh... I'm currently spending my weekend looking and researching for a high-end quality shirt. I believe I'll need to...

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They call it agile, let's launch it now anyway.

Agile, time is precious, so I removed my password and have my kawaii booth site live.  Of course it's not perfect. I don't even have enough contents. and the design? horrendous! It would be a shame if my friends and coworker would visit the site. My image would be ruined! hehehehe.  But that doesn't matter now, I decided that's should never be an issue. What matters is the momentum. If I wait for my site to be perfect, I would never have the courage to open it, so yeah! My site is fully operational now! Come and buy something from my site, okay? And be sure to come back again next time, I have to redeem myself. I'll make sure this...

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Where does my lovely audience came from?

I checked my analytics and I'm getting traffic from different parts of the world. Lovely humans are visiting my kawaii booth store while it is on password protect landing page. Interesting, eh? It's a mystery where my website visitors are coming from to be honest. I haven't submitted my cute online store to google and yet they seem to find me. I'm delighted, it felt like I hit a jackpot if this continue hehehe. I wonder if it's my domain. I did considered myself lucky when my is available for purchase. Hmm... I guess I need to work hard now and find some essential items that my kawaii-lover friends would treasure. I can't disappoint my tribe for sure :insert-winking-emoji: Let's sprinkle this adorable online...

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