COVID19 - Shipping Delay Announcement

Doubts - hesitation phase

Did the laundry and noticed my sister's t-shirt is the same brand as the brand I'm going to sell. 

Oh God, I don't like its quality. I did ordered a sample last week and it's currently under fulfillment.. I really haven't seen what the t-shirt (I'm going to sell) looks like and now I'm feeling down with how low the quality of that particular brand of shirt's textile is.. Please let it not be the same as my product... There's no way I'll buy it for $20, definitely no freaking way I'll sell that quality to other people. It's not worth the money. 'sigh...

I'm currently spending my weekend looking and researching for a high-end quality shirt. I believe I'll need to order a bunch of samples from different shirt manufacturer and decide which is the best.

If I'm going to put my name in an online business, the product I'm offering should be worth it.

Let's wait for now, my sample order should be here in less than 2 weeks... I pray I'll find something with quality.

I can't give up yet, it's going to be alright, right?