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Pusang Gala: Learning Marketing 101

"Learn to attract the cat". That's what they said in terms of marketing. Cause if you chase the cat, it will run away from you so to get the cat attention, one should understand what attracts the cat. Use a 'catalyst' and that cat will go to you willingly.

The same goes with attracting your customer base. If you want to have people to buy from you, you need to learn what is the benefit for them if they buy your products.. Why they must buy from you (ooh that dreaded 'WHY' question).

I decided to sell shirts online. I'm in the phase of learning marketing and writing contents to attract my target audience. **disclaimer: I'm not changing career. I still enjoy web development and coding, and I have no plans to become a marketer full time in the future. I'm challenging myself to open an online store (for fun), I feel like I can do a successful marketing campaign too if I put my mind into it.

Anyways, 'they said' one of the first step in getting leads is to identify "the customer's problems"; their pain point and fear. Address why it's crucial for them to choose my t-shirt instead of my "competitor" brands.

hmm.. seriously? Why would they spend $25 in my online store for a shirt with just a random line of text? I honestly don't know what made my t-shirt apparel special, not sure what problem 'my online shirt store' could solve. I don't have that compelling reason so why the heck should they buy from me is a huge mystery I need to ponder on! Bwahahaha.

Please check my collections and see for yourself. Would you be able to help me find that striking 'WHY' they should buy from me. Lol.