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The best is yet to come!

I finally decided to start my online business. I got the courage to move forward and I have to admit, it's terrifying. The voice inside my head aren't very encouraging. It keeps on giving me an excuse, a threat, all the reason to stop. It also gives me a lot of possibilities to do another route from my original plan.

Having to start from scratch, without any idea what I'm doing is challenging. The passion and drive that originally encourage me to get started on this online business journey is starting to dwindle.. but I already told a bunch of people, I don't think my ego wouldn't let me give up despite my fear. I don't talk much, and when I do, I mean it. I made an announcement that I'll do it and be successful. I don't think they had taken me seriously but I can't definitely be the person who is just all talk.

I still got my pride, I'm Melanie. Whatever it is, I can do it.


I got my domain July 6. I have a 36k followers on my anime facebook page that I thought it would be fitting to use the word kawaii in it. I could market it to them, I don't think I'll have buyers from them but they'd definitely be a good organic traffic to my online shop. Maybe I could draw some fanpic for them to encourage them to click to my shop?

My first choice, kawaiishop isn't available. I had to do some domain name suggestion and kawaiibooth happens to be available. I pulled out my credit card and bought it without giving a second thought. Perfect!

I'm going to need a logo. And I'm too excited to get started that I didn't put much thought to it. I looked for good font, went to and saw this amazing font bundle collection. Bought it and viola! I have my kawaiibooth logo. I think it's cute, right?

Enough about chit chat for now and let's move forward!