COVID19 - Shipping Delay Announcement

They call it agile, let's launch it now anyway.

Agile, time is precious, so I removed my password and have my kawaii booth site live. 

Of course it's not perfect. I don't even have enough contents. and the design? horrendous! It would be a shame if my friends and coworker would visit the site. My image would be ruined! hehehehe. 

But that doesn't matter now, I decided that's should never be an issue. What matters is the momentum. If I wait for my site to be perfect, I would never have the courage to open it, so yeah! My site is fully operational now! Come and buy something from my site, okay?

And be sure to come back again next time, I have to redeem myself. I'll make sure this site would be the most elegant, classy site that you'd ever been to!


Some random thought: Do I really want to become a t-shirt online shop?