COVID19 - Shipping Delay Announcement

Where does my lovely audience came from?

I checked my analytics and I'm getting traffic from different parts of the world. Lovely humans are visiting my kawaii booth store while it is on password protect landing page. Interesting, eh?

It's a mystery where my website visitors are coming from to be honest. I haven't submitted my cute online store to google and yet they seem to find me.

I'm delighted, it felt like I hit a jackpot if this continue hehehe.

I wonder if it's my domain. I did considered myself lucky when my is available for purchase. Hmm...

I guess I need to work hard now and find some essential items that my kawaii-lover friends would treasure. I can't disappoint my tribe for sure :insert-winking-emoji:

Let's sprinkle this adorable online store some love tomorrow and have it ready for the world! :heart: :heart: